Geometry animations clear 85,000 views!

Led by the Root Spiral of Theodorus with over 40,000 views, my bikes4fish channel of youtube geometry animations passed 85,000 total views on the 24th of February!

 I’m happy to add that Constructing Square Roots on the Number Line, the companion to the Root Spiral of Theodorus, passed 10,000 views one day later. I’m particularly fond of “Constructing Square Roots…” because for many students, square roots live in their calculators and they access them there, but they don’t know how to construct where square roots live on the (real) number line.

In other news, Dr. Pat Kenschaft has given me permission to start posting mp3 audio files from her Math Medley radio shows (1998–2004) featuring hour-long interviews with eminent mathematicians and math educators talking about K-12 math education and what needs to be done to do it right. Unfortunately, the links to those 300+ shows don’t work anymore, so, with Dr. Kenschaft’s permission, I’m making the ones I can find available here. Eventually, they’ll get a folder of their own in the menu bar, but in the meantime, here are interviews with Liping Ma and Richard Askey to get us started. (Dr. Kenschaft’s books are available from her Amazon Author page. I’m reading one of them, Change is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics right now.)