Animations in pptx posted for download

I got an early start this morning and posted Power Point .pptx slide shows for each of my 6 youtube video animations—the 3 basic rigid motions ones and the 3 Pythagorean Theorem ones. I put them in Animations so interested people could download the slide shows in pptx form and modify to their hearts’ content. If you want to use any of them for teaching, you could make some changes in Power Point: un-select the “Use Timings” box if it’s selected, and for a lot of the animations, change the Animations Options from “Start: After Previous” to “Start: On Click”. This will enable you to “drive” the presentation yourself, advancing the slides and animations to suit the pacing of your lesson with your students. Of course, it will also enable you to change things to suit your own aesthetic sensibilities. Go crazy.

Composition of Basic Rigid Motions

This animation, along with encouragement from Hung-Hsi Wu, got me started doing youtube videos to help kids (maybe their teachers too) get a better feel for math, geometry in particular. A lot of kids who struggle in math don’t picture what’s going on. Doing geometry with no picture is like trying to work on a computer with no monitor connected: you’re in the dark and you stay there. This short animation is one of my attempts to help kids “get the picture”.

Links to this video appeared in Wu’s “Teaching Geometry According to the Common Core Standards” and “Teaching Geometry in Grade 8 and High School According to the Common Core Standards”, both of which you can download (for free) from Wu’s homepage,