Over 300K total views!

Lazy me! I haven’t posted anything since last year. Instead of boring you with the details, I’ll just crow about my bikes4fish channel passing 300,000 total views, with the Root Spiral of Theodorus still in the lead. Here’s what I just now grabbed from youtube.

Spurred by springtime (or something!)—maybe invigorated by my long layoff—I’ll be adding more pages to this website in the coming days and weeks, especially (freely) downloadable pdfs and slideshows of grids and activities, that teachers, parents, or whoever is interested can use with their students, children, or whomever.

Also, I’m happy to say, my Root Spiral of Theodorus pops up right at the top of Google searches for “root spiral”, “root spiral of theodorus”, and similar phrases:

Is there an animation you would especially like to see? Let me know on the Contact page.

One thought to “Over 300K total views!”

  1. Hello. I really like your video on proving the Pythagorean Theorem using similar triangle. I teach English language learners. The explanations were wonderful but had no audio… just written explanations. My students cannot read that quickly. I hope you don’t mind, I used your video and recorded my voice explaining the proof. This was saved as a video file on my secured, password protected website only accessible to my students and administration. I do not want to take credit for your video, I simply want my language learners to have the advantage of audio with the presentation. I hope you are okay with this. Please email me if you have concerns over this issue. Thank you for producing a wonderful video explanation of this proof!!!

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